Blog Post by Curator, Philly Alex Johnmeyer

The password is: VOICE.


So let’s talk about something. That word. THE WORD, that from the moment you begin to consider yourself a true artist, PLAGUES you, DRIVES you, comes POURING OUT of you… because we ALL have a voice. No matter WHAT you CREATE: art, music, fashion, architecture, graphic design, WORDS that tell a message, film, floral design, interior design, choreography, photography… I could go on and on and on. There are so many ways to EXPRESS ourselves, but it all comes back to this: 

What do you want to SAY? And WHY?!


We each have our own inspirations. And although we as humans may be similar, you are the first YOU that has ever looked at the world in YOUR WAY, and hoped to emit a message that others will perceive.


Now, let’s leave behind these nagging doubts. The little whispers that coo in your head, making you question yourself: if you’re good enough, if your work is relevant, or interesting. None of that matters. CREATE. EXPRESS.


I know there is some amount of *pressure* to choose a STYLE. Pressure to choose a MEDIA. Pressure to present a “cohesive vision”... and I’ve never subscribed to that school of thought. I don’t see WHY we MUST CHOOSE. I have heard the reasons, I understand them. Bah. There are no boxes. Do what makes you happy.

Success is the act of creating… at all. There are no mistakes. Just opportunities for experimentation, for fun, for learning… for relaxation, for letting GO. It can be healing, CATHARTIC. I know it has been for me. Now go and make something.

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Comment by Kristin Juliette Stege on November 20, 2015 at 9:21am

THIS....should go viral, truly inspirational ...THANK YOU! :)

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