December Blog Post by Curator, Philly Alex Johnmeyer

I’ll scratch your back.


Being curator and a volunteer for Myslart has given me a great opportunity to meet so many friendly people: other artists, gallery owners, collectors, and the friends and family who support us creatives in our many artistic adventures. I’ve been a part of the St. Louis art community for 8 years now, and was welcomed with open arms. I’ve had people ask if St. Louis is very competitive, or cut throat, one artist putting down another to advance their own career… and I’ve never experienced such a thing. ALL I have ever received is LOVE, and SUPPORT from the art community here.


I’ve seen first hand, multiple times, a brand new artist who’s never even painted before, let alone ever SHOWN their work, go on to become a known and well sought after artist. It happens, but of course not overnight. One needs the time and dedication to MAKE the work, a little bit of social media skills, and a friendly disposition. GET OUT THERE and say hello at the drawing groups, craft fairs, or the art show… strike a conversation, just be yourself. I promise you most everyone is just as nervous as you are feeling at first. And if they don’t care for your work, or your friendly disposition… that’s okay, just keep on doing YOU.

It brings me such happiness to help others get their work out into the world. Once upon a time, I didn’t know anyone here, and others welcomed me, helped me, taught me what to do. For me, these years later, at an art installation or an opening reception at some gallery, is just like coming home. I’ve found a circle. Now, I want to pay it forward, I guess you would say. I’ll scratch your back, and then hopefully you’ll share your knowledge with others. Let’s lift each other up. There’s room enough for everyone, St. Louis is a pretty big table. Hope to see you all on Friday night.

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