St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center (SLPRC) is looking for entertainers to provide our clients with diversity in recreation and entertainment opportunities.


 Dancers, musicians, comedians, actors and artists are encouraged to apply for opportunities to either teach/lead patients in creating an original work of art or provide a 1-  1½ hour show or activity.  

All proposal must be postmarked by February 15th, 2015.

  • The artist /entertainer will perform for adult clients of SLPRC. Ours is a long term, psychiatric treatment facility serving adults with chronic mental illness.
  • Entertainers could expect an audience of 50-125 participants.
  • Artist should plan to have materials available for about 25 participants.
  • Artist can demonstrate/teach a technique to the clients or may provide a variety of materials and explain to the clients how to create their own art work.

**As this is a psychiatric facility, all performers and artist will be expected to dress modestly.


  • All proposals should include a brief description of performance or art intervention. This should include any materials that would need to be brought into SLPRC.
  • Feel free to include links from your website and/or examples of your work.
  • Proposals should include suggested setup of room (eg: need for tables and chairs, need for stage and AV equipment, ect)

*Please note, as this is a minimum security psychiatric facility, any items brought into the facility are subject to search to ensure safety of all clients.

  • ·        If the facility needs to purchase materials (such as for an art intervention) a budget sheet may be submitted  (attached) with a detailed description of all materials that will be used in the project.* (All unused materials will remain at SLPRC).
  • ·        If your performance does not require materials, please leave this section blank.
  • All  materials must be non-toxic and store bought.  NO glue guns or flammable materials (like adhesives or rubber cement) are allowed.
  • Artists /performers will be reimbursed up to, but not exceeding $150.00 for materials and will receive a set stipend of $150.00 for time/labor. 

If you have questions about appropriate materials please contact : Crystal Kwentus at 314-877-5734 or


  • Sessions will begin with the artist/performer arriving at least a ½ hour before the activity is to begin, in order to go through security and get set up.
  • Arrangements to deliver/send a sample of completed artwork in advance of scheduled date is optimal for “advertising” the activity and may contribute positively to drawing a larger number of patients to participate. (Artist will get this back).
  • The art activities will run for 2 hours and clean up takes place after the activity, so total time commitment is approximately 3 hours (time for shopping & preparation is on your own).
  • Performance activity time should last 1-1 ½ hours, with time for questions and informal interaction with clients for a total of 1 ½ - 2 hour time commitment
  • The clients will be encouraged to arrive promptly for the activity, but attendance is optional. A captured audience is not always realistic to expect and flexibility is imperative.
  • Dates and times of activities in 2015 to follow under heading “Dates and Times”.


All activities will be held in SLPRC’s gymnasium. This setting allows for flexibility of set up. Please include proposed set up of room (eg: need for tables and chairs, need for stage and AV equipment, ect)


The potential dates of the 2015 performance activities will take place on Wednesday afternoons from 1-3pm. We will only have ONE Art or Entertainment performance monthly. Please specify from the proposed dates. *(Alternate weekday times may be arranged within that timeframe, or special accommodations may be made on a case by case basis for evening performances)


  • March 11th or 25th
  • April 8th or 22nd  
  • May 6th or 20th
  • June 10th or 24th
  • July 8th or 22nd  
  • August 12th or 26th  
  • September 9th or 23rd  
  • October 7th or 21st
  • November 4th or 18th
  • December 2nd or 16th 

Please designate all of the date(s)/month(s) you are interested in and if the time frame of 1-3pm is not feasible, special arrangements might be possible. 


  • Artists / performers may submit an activity for a specific date listed above (if activity is theme-specific to the season or the only date the artist can schedule) or designate if our committee can choose which date to have the activity on.  Please also designate the preferred timeframe.
  • Artists / performers may submit as many proposals as they see fitting the criteria above and may be chosen to do more than one activity at our facility, if multiple submissions are made.

 Please send all completed proposals, including completed budget sheet (see attached) to:

Crystal Kwentus

Central Activity Department

5300 Arsenal St.

St. Louis, MO 63139

Mailstop D148

OR e-mail submission to Crystal Kwentus at: 

All proposals must be postmarked by Friday,  February 12th, 2015.  Proposals will be reviewed and accepted/declined by February 29th, 2015.



of items


Description of items

Cost per item

Total cost for line item






















                                          Total Cost of Project =



 Please note: Crayons, glue, markers, scissors, construction paper or white copy paper will be supplied by SLPRC if needed to complete the art project.  These items should not be included in the cost of the project.    

* For questions please contact Crystal Kwentus: or 314-877-5734 

**As this is a psychiatric facility, all performers and artist will be expected to dress modestly.


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