let's stir the pot! How many of you have great ideas??? I'm assuming every one of you, otherwise you probably wouldn't be an artist! Let's start a group....of artists of any kind. Let's talk shop, share ideas and get some things started!

I'd like for this to be a group where we eventually meet, perhaps get some sponsors, do some shows, etc. If anyone is interested, you can contact me at 636.675.2090 or at hansonmissysue@yahoo.com.

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Missy Sue,

If you want a chance to meet a number of artists from this site, and have time this Friday night, stop by the Gateway Gallery reception. There should be a number of them there (including some from the Artisitic Photographers Group). The gallery is on the Art DTour stop and we often see fellow artists participating in that as well. (It is not unusual to see the organizer of this site there also). For more information see the postings under events associated with Gateway Gallery - Sleeping With an Original and Life on the Rocks.

I have been working on forming a guild for quite sometime, we meet regular and our current goal is to pitch galleries, upcoming shows that include only our members, that way we can get our name out and boost our resumes. The end goal is to have a sustainable gallery/ studio space for our members....

our site is http://goaartists.com/

Its a splash page so far, our next meeting will be to figure out what we want to do with the site and see where we want to try to get into a show....


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