For the past two years I have been getting my website though My membership is about up and I am debating renewing or not.


I am not a very computer based person I enjoy their Website Tonight feature that basically allows me to drop my images onto a template however I find this is not very smooth looking. I was curious as to how other people have designed their sites or whom people have gone through.



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You need to keep paying for your "domain name" ("URL") every year. But you don't have to use its Website Tonight service.


Go to, a free website builder service from Google. Study carefully and set up your own free website there. has lots more features than Website Tonight.


Good luck,


Don Erickson

Ringleader (executive director)

(314) 645-0691


I know this post is so long ago, but i have a few website through I have the free version but you can pay and make your website my personalized for whatever purpose you choose.  It is really easy - I have little understand of C++, HTML, etc. it is really easy as almost a drag and drop design. So, ya. If anyone is still interested. 

We recently moved our site to Weebly this past summer after looking at different options like Wix, Wordpress, etc.  Been pleased with the features, easy setup,  & support so far.

Check it out at

Weebly was simple and professional!  Thanks for the tip!

Glad it worked out for ya!

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